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K9 Bed Bug Inspections' Strategic Bed Bug Services

With over 30 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry, we at K9 Bed Bug Inspections realize the importance of a company's commitment to quality, professional personnel, proactive programs and innovative pest solutions. In keeping with our dedication to these principles and the desire to offer our customers solutions for all of your pest needs, K9 Bed Bug Inspections now offers the next generation of Bed Bug Specialists and Bed Bug Detection Canines.

K9 Bed Bug Inspections understands the growing threat that Bed Bugs pose on society. Bed Bugs can be very difficult to locate, as they tend to hide in many tiny areas throughout a structure. The cryptic and mobile nature of Bed Bugs allow them to spread rapidly, as they tend to hide in many tiny places and can be easily transported. Therefore, inspections must be very thorough and even then early detection and verification can be impossible.

For that reason, K9 Bed Bug Inspections has trained highly specialized Bed Bug detection Canines, who can detect Bed Bugs when humans cannot, and more efficiently; affected areas can therefore be treated before infestations spread from room-to-room.

The K9 Bed Bug Inspections Pest Management Canine Team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines, maintaining rigorous standards and strict training procedures.

Bed Bug Detection Canines

Our bed beg detection canines can detect bed bugs when humans cannot. K9 Bed Bug Inspections' beg bug detection canines are rigorously trained and nationally recognized.

  • Our Bed Bug Detection Canines have been accredited by the University of Florida Entomology Department, which is recognized as a leader in the entomology canine detection field.
  • Our Bed Bug Detection Canines train daily, to find only LIVE Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug eggs. This is to ensure maximum detection and alleviate false results.
  • K9 Bed Bug Inspections uses a minimum of two Bed Bug Detection Canines to verify all positive results.
  • K9 Bed Bug Inspections maintains its own state of the art research and training facility where Canines are closely monitored and tested for accuracy.
  • Our training facility and procedures are structured to establish and maintain a way of life for our canine partners
  • K9 Bed Bug Inspections' program requires a higher level of reliability to protect you against legal challenges K9 Bed Bug Inspections' canines and Trainers/Handlers are required to regularly re-certify to maintain the highest level of proficiency.
  • With our canines you can have verifiable results, within minutes.

Canine Certification

K9 Bed Bug Inspections' Bed Bug Detection Canines are continually re-certified and monitored by NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association)

  • NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for all Entomological Scent Detection Canines
  • NESDECA is committed to Uniting and assisting Entomology Scent Detection Canine Teams in the training and continued improvement of all entomology Scent-Detecting Work Dog Teams
  • NESDCA currently sets the highest standards by which Bed Bug Detection Canines are held.

The difference of using and K9 Bed Bug Inspections Certified Bed Bug Detection Canine is that they are: Scientifically proven, Independently tested, and Nationally recognized.

K9 Bed Bug Inspections' Accredited Canine Detection Handlers

Because Bed Bugs inspections can be difficult, even with canines, inspections must be very thorough and handlers must be able to diagnose infestations. Therefore, K9 Bed Bug Inspections has trained a highly specialized team of Canine Bed Bug Handlers and Bed Bug Elimination Experts who have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and resolve even the worst Bed Bug infestations. Our programs are designed specifically to quickly and efficiently identify and eliminate Bed Bug infestations.

Facts About our Canine Handlers/Trainers:
  • Canine Bed Bug Detection Handlers are also NESDCA certified and rigorously trained to efficiently inspect and understand canine behavior.
  • K9 Bed Bug Inspections' handlers are responsible for daily training and care of canines therefore:
    • Canines are familiar with their handler and are comfortable working with him
    • Handler is familiar with Canines and is able to ensure proper searches and work behavior
  • K9 Bed Bug Inspections' handlers are also trained to identify issues that may interfere with the inspection. Identifying problems with a search area ensures the maximum level of efficiency when inspecting for Bed Bugs.
  • Handler is backed up by a team of trainers, entomologists, and certified Bed Bug experts.
  • Handlers have over 5 years of experience dealing specifically with Bed Bug infestations and are able to identify areas that are typical harborage for Bed Bugs
  • Handlers routinely participate in Bed Bug related continuing education, entomology education, and re-certification.
  • Handlers and Technicians are also Branch 2 certified and trained to efficiently inspect and treat even the worst Bed Bug infestations.