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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Your Dogs Differentiate Between Live Bed Bugs and Old Evidence?
A: YES! It is very important that Bed Bug Detection Canines do not alert to anything but the odor of Live Bed Bug and not old evidence (bed bug carcasses, cast skins, feces, etc.) As we know during the course of an inspection our canines will encounter old evidence on a routine basis, therefore, it is necessary that they do not alert to old evidence - and they won't. This ability helps us to locate the harborage points of the active infestation and it also allows us to verify the success of a treatment.

Q: Are your canines cross-trained to find other bugs or mold?
A: NO! When a canine is cross-trained for other odors, it becomes difficult to identify which odor the canine is alerting to e.g. the canine just alerted, is it mold or is it bed bug- we want to know! Studies show that the most reliable type of training consists of limiting the canines training to one odor.

Q: Can your canine detect eggs?
A: YES! In early bed bug infestations or reinfestations the activity may be limited to a few eggs and a one or two live bed bugs. To properly identify an infestation we need to be able to tell if there is ANY activity - whether that's live Bed Bugs or Viable eggs. Therefore, our canines have been trained to identify any infestation of Bed Bugs even if that means just eggs. Once again it also allows us to effectively identify if a treatment was successful or not. Often times treatment is successful in eliminating Bed Bugs but not the eggs- the canines ability to find those viable eggs allows us to catch them before they hatch and reinfest.

Q: Do you rely on only one canine?
A: NO! We believe that while our canines are the best that they can be, it is possible that they cannot get to the Bed Bug odor. Therefore, we use two canines (sometimes three canines upon request and for an additional fee) to verify an infestation. Additionally, ISOTECH's canine handlers are also trained and licensed pest management professionals and they perform a physical inspection as well. A canine scent detection inspection combined with a visual inspection will have a much higher accuracy rate.

Q: What Kind of Training Do Your Canines Go Through?
A: Our canines are trained every day! We know that our canines are only as good as their training, which is why we rigorously train our canines in our own state of the art research and training facility, as well as weekly in-field training, where our canines are closely monitored and tested for accuracy. Each canine is trained for a minimum of 8 months before they even allowed to perform an actual inspection- and even then we wait for 1 year before the canine is allowed to work independently of another canine. Our canines and handlers are also certified once a year by NESDCA. This certification helps ensure that our training facility, trainers, handlers, canines, and training methods meet the highest standards for scent detection programs.

Q: I Have Bed Bugs Now What?
A: Once your ISOTECH inspector/ canine handler has identified a Bed Bug infestation he will setup a plan for treatment based on the best solution for your personal issue. Generally, the solution involves either a heat treatment, using the ThermaPure heat system, or a more traditional chemical/ ISOTHERM spot heat treatment.

Q: What if the Canine does not Alert during an inspection?
A: The object of a canine Bed Bug Inspection is to say yes there are Bed Bugs present or No your issue is not Bed Bugs. Because not every situation turns out to be Bed Bugs, our handlers have been extensively trained to diagnose every inspection and offer up a recommendation in the event that Bed Bugs are not the issue.