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"K9 Bed Bug Inspections' Bed Bug scent detection program more than exceeded my expectations. Even at the very first room, I was amazed at your canines ability to find bed bugs. Your canine, Baily was so well trained that she found bed bugs hiding behind a headboard within a couple of minutes of being in the room. Our Inspector, Erik, did a phenomenal job of educating and training my staff about the early signs of Bed Bugs and how we can stay ahead of future infestations. By the end of the inspection we discovered that, while the infestation wasn't as bad as we were expecting, our housekeeping staff was moving the Bed Bugs around on a laundry cart. K9 Bed Bug Inspections treated the cart and the rooms and we have been Bed Bug free for oonths. I do not know what we would have done if not for K9 Bed Bug Inspections, but I do know without their help we would have just spent more money and had the same problem continue- like with the other companies we used."

- C. Lee Los Angeles, CA
"I'd like to thank Mike and his technicians for their support, knowledge, advice, and above all integrity. Your guys are always willing to go above and beyond to help. I could cite many examples, but one memorable incident comes to mind.

Before we had even signed up for bed bug service, I had left the hotel for the evening when our night manager called me and let me know that one of our guests had been devoured by bed bugs while they were napping, in one of our rooms that hadn't ever had and issue with Bed bugs before. Although I now realize the benefit of a canine inspection team who will find rooms with bed bugs before a guest is bitten, at that point I didn't know what to do. In a panic, I contacted Mike late at night. He was patient and helpful and the advice he offered saved us from reacting incorrectly and potentially spreading bed bugs around our hotel. By the next morning his technicians and canine inspectors were on site treating infected rooms and identifying all other rooms that had contracted Bed Bugs. Now we have the canines inspecting our hotel four times a year to ensure that we never have bed bugs spread throughout the hotel again. You guys are my heroes."

- Sheila G. Los Angeles, CA
"It is obvious that K9 Bed Bug Inspections spent the time and resources to train them for 'real world' experiences. Also, the ongoing support we get from K9 Bed Bug Inspections has proved valuable and solidifies your commitment to your clients.

Amazing! Is the best word to sum up the capabilities of your canine! We have seen other detection dogs that claim to do what your dogs do, but all have fallen short. Other canines did not have even a 1/3 the drive to work or the efficiency to locate all of our infested rooms. We initially investigated other Bed Bug prevention and detection methods, but nothing on the market even came close to comparing with the level of accuracy that your canines give our company.

I have been working with Erik and the guys at K9 Bed Bug Inspections for over a year now and the professionalism and quality of his dogs have far exceeded my expectations.

The use of both the bed bug detection dogs and the efficient treatments has allowed my company to provide the best protection for our guests and really protects our image. I would highly recommend his services and dogs."

- Hotel Owner San Francisco, CA
"Hi Guys,

After using two dogs from a competitor, I soon became disappointed with both the quality of the dogs and the service provided by the competitor. Don't make the same mistake I did, do your research, and you will find K9 Bed Bug Inspections pest management is the best in the business. Their training facility is state of the art and the service is unparalleled. If you are thinking about using a scent detection dog there is no competition!

Our sincere thanks to Mike, Erik, Robert, and their faithful canine companions- Maddi, bailey, and Zip for changing the way we feel about canine scent detection."

- Wayne S. Los Angeles, CA
"K9 Bed Bug Inspections Pest Management,

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking care of what could have been a serious problem, so quickly. You and your staff responded to our emergency in a way that I can only say was, 'OUTSTANDING.' Your thoroughness and professionalism saved the day and solidified our decision that we definitely hired the right pest management company this time. After dealing with all the other guys, I can honestly say 'K9 Bed Bug Inspections is all about customer solutions.'"

- Dan F. Santa Barbara, CA
"Mr. Alden,

I am astounded how quickly you and your team came into our hotel and completely obliterated our 'pest' problem. Before your guys arrived, we were constantly receiving complaints. Merely days after you guys began managing this issue here at our hotel, all complaints have stopped. No reports of bug sightings, droppings, or bites have been reported."

- Tom San Diego, CA
"Dear Mike, Erik, and crew:

We are so pleased with your team and how well you've wiped the bed bugs off our campus so successfully. When I gave the news in our staff meeting last month that only two rooms were infected out of over 800 rooms on our campus, I was smiling so hard my face literally ached. That is a great feeling, so thank you. The parents of students are so pleased as well. Working together, our remediation process is down to a science and student displacement to temporary housing has dropped to less than two days; many times just 1 day.

We have come to realize that with the worldwide epidemic of bed bugs, we will continue to face the challenge of getting rid of bed bugs brought onto our campus each year. After a rough year without you, we have concluded 100% certainty that having your canine unit catch the bed bugs before staff know they are there, we stand a better chance of quick success before they spread. Being proactive is the only solution.

We would like to schedule our next two campus-wide sweeps; the end of summer in July, and after our new Fall students arrive in late August and continue at the end of each semester.

A big THANK YOU to you and your crew!"

- Fondly L. Jones